Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

In 2017 from Xiaomi see the best of Xiaomi “The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2”. It one of the cell phones of 2017 and still many people’s like this. But now, with a new year with some awesome limitless news.

Talk about how will go phone completely bezel eventually like The Ultimate iPhone X or 10, Samsung also working on their 10th never cry phone with 100% screen to body ratio. Samsung is trying to integrate the whole thing into the display. These all efforts are for the limitless display.

We think this fight is only between the Apple and Samsung but we forgot that Xiaomi exists too. According to the latest leaks, it seems like they have finally done this.

Full Bezel-less Hero

Presenting the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S with the full bezel-less display AKA design 3.0. The promotional poster is leaked from China. In the picture, you can see that the screen covers the whole area. If you look at the right upper corner then you can see only the front camera. Hope so Xiaomi learns to form their Mi Mix 2 for putting the camera at the bottom which is a pretty bad position. The earpiece is hidden in the upper middle side of the screen. They are also going to use the Ultra-Sonic Proximity Sensor.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

No Fingerprint

Xiamoni really beats the big companies like Apple and Samsung with their true bezel-less display. You have 2 vertical cameras on the back which is pretty similar to the Apple iPhone X. One thing more there’s no figure print scanner on the back which means, this phone will have an in display figure print scanner. It will be the first cell phone in 2018 which have the fully working ultra-sonic in-display figure print scanner.


  • The poster reveals some specifications also.
  • Snapdragon 845 processor
  • 8 GN of RAM
  • 6 inches display
  • 98% screen to body ratio
  • 256GB of Internal storage
  • 12 MP cameras with optical image stabilization

This thing also announced in MWC. Hope so it beats the Samsung Galaxy S9. Let’s pick the S9 you can clearly see the difference. Xiaomi does a great job better than Samsung. Samsung should improve their design.

The high lights of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S are its display, the under display figure print scanner and the Snapdragon 845. We will soon look how this cell phone looks in the real life.


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