Samsung Galaxy Zero The Zero Bezel Cell Phone

Now it’s time to talk about the biggest leak or you can say that the biggest breaking news from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Zero The Zero Bezel Cell Phone

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Samsung is not only Samsung they are not just only working on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Samsung X which will be a Foldable Phone which is expected at the end of 2018. They are actually working on a phone which we can only dream. I know we dream about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and also the upcoming S9 and S9+ and the infinity display bezel-less cell phones But Samsung is working on a phone which is Samsung Zero Which has no boundaries which mean truly no bezel phones.

Leaked Explained

A popular Dutch website Letsgodigital done an investigation, if you don’t know about them so let me tell you that these were the first one who tell us that the bezel less iPhone will be named as iPhone X that’s mean they have a good track record and they uncovered a brand new Samsung patent which shows us that Samsung is going to make a Zero Bezel Cell phone, A phone with 100% screen into body aspect ratio and yes just display, No notch No mini-notch just a full freaking high quality super amalod quad HD display the patent show that how Samsung will achieve this they are planning to use bend areas on the display so it can go 180 degrees from everywhere like Top, Button, Right Side and the Left side LetsGoDigital tell us that how this cell phone will look like. If we talk about the new cell phones of Samsung we see so much fewer bezels like note 8 and the S8 and S8+ and they are very close to creating an under display fingerprints scanner.

Another thing on this cell phone is that everything will be virtual, the volume keys that power keys the Bixby key will be software based which make cell phones more water resistance no issue for keys. You may ask where the camera and sensor will go It is expecting a way that Samsung put them into the glass.

Why is Samsung Doing this?

Well, the answer is that Samsung can do this. Samsung wants to be the first ever brand who can make a folding phone and a cell phone with 100% zero bezels less screen they want to the first one who has the in-display fingerprints scanner.

I guess Samsung Launch this in 2019-2020, but not officially by Samsung. It is a proud feeling that Samsung is making a full bezel-less and the folding phone