Nokia 3310 4G Version launch - Price?

There are so many lovers of Nokia and HMD always try to make their user experience better that’s why as need HMD upgrade their Nokia 3310 3G handset with Nokia 3310 4G version that’s mean now people can use or experience 4G on Nokia 3310.Nokia 3310 4G Version launch


The cell phone was first launched in February 2017 which supports 2G but later in October 2017, a new 3G variant came out and now in January 2018 their 4G version of Nokia 3310 is also launched with some improvements of storage and colours.

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If we talk about the experience or you can say that improvements then the RAM is increased up to 512MB which makes mobile much faster and smoother and the storage is also increased and new colours are also introduced. The screen size is 2.4 inches and the camera is of 2MP remain the same.
the best thing which I like in Nokia 3310 is the snake game thanks, god Nokia doesn’t remove it.


Customary with the 4g model, you get features inclusive of a wi-fi hotspot way to its faster LTE network, in addition, to guide for voLTE and wireless. Battery lifestyles have taken successful, but, with an LTE speak time of simply 5 hours, although on 2g it will increase to 15 hours.

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If we talk about the price it will be about 60$

Nokia 3310 4G Version launch


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